School Development Plan

Curriculum development
System orientation
Staff development
Class room orientation

Capacity Building

Need analysis
Set goals
Content based training
Motivational/ professional training

Event Management

Co-curricular Activities
Annual Functions
Day Celebrations
School Study Trip

Management of Information System (MIS)

Social Media Management
Campus Management
Academic Management
Website Development
Student Information System
Exam Management and HR Management
Attendees Management and Timetable Management
Brand & Mobile SMS and Accounts Management

Academic Management

Academic Calendar
Daily Planning
Syllabus Breakup
Allocation of Periods
(Religious, National and International)
Timetable Management
Staff Assessments

Financial Assistance

Income Generation Techniques
• Indoor Management
• Outdoor Management
Reduction of Expenditure
Improve the Utilization of
Existing Resources


"TALIM" is a steadfast educational institution that participates in building the idea of learning society in national and global scale by offering programs for prospective educational professionals with top-quality societal and cultural expertise. We share knowledge and provide tools to our stake holders and make them able to groom. Our organization is based extensive research and interaction with different schools throughout Pakistan, and thorough analysis of the capabilities, Experience and expertise of hundreds of learning of our peoples. Our concept of growth and improvement goes beyond corporate expansion, competitive results and a growing student base. Our goal is to help students learn and thrive to the best of their abilities. Safety and a sense of security are necessary components of good learning environments. We are an open school and we actively seek participation and involvement from the whole school community. We invite you to be part of our educational institution for intellectual development and interactive learning.


We develop a love of learning through creativity and curiosity.


Our mission is to develop lively and inquiring minds of aspirants by getting them into contract with a constructive learning culture. We aim is to impact, create, disseminate knowledge and to develop informed, ethical and responsible citizens to serve & support the educational institutions business issues.

Office Info

  •   +92 321 4948101
  •   125, Kareem Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore
Chief Executive

Nasrullah Chaudhary

“I believe that the quality education along with discipline is rendering academic services to the nation and the country. Our students are guided to the path of progress leading them to the eternal values that spring from a sense of reliability and responsibility. Our organization represents the culmination of many years of development and planning that involved all the partners and interests in primary education. We are community of concerned persons who try to live by the core values of the school: integrity, excellence, justice, respect & service to community. We endeavor to impact, build, and spread knowledge and to flourish informed, ethical and responsible citizens to serve & sustain the educational institutions.”
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