Need analysis
Need analysis is determined if an existing course adequately addresses the need of potential students. To identify a gap between what students are able to do and what they need to be able to do.
Set goals
We set our goals in a particular relationship between the acquisition of knowledge and the development of concepts and skills. We are building a caring community which encourages students, parents, staff and governors to make a positive contribution to virtue and common good.
Content based training
Content based training is provided to the teachers to expose a considerable amount of language through stimulating content. Complex information is delivered through real life context for the students to grasp well & leads to intrinsic motivation.
Motivational/ professional training
Teacher’s guideline is given by professionals to explore a wide range of approaches and methodologies that develop the new emphases and give expression to new thinking on teaching and learning. The teacher guidelines are designed as an aid and Resource for teachers and schools as they encounter the curriculum and begin to implement its recommendations. Our training programs cover the technical/ academic aspects of the students and their spiritual and moral values.

10-2Event Management

Co-curricular Activities
Annual Functions
Day Celebrations
School Study Trip



8Financial Assistance

Income Generation Techniques
• Indoor Management
• Outdoor Management
Reduction of Expenditure
Improve the Utilization of
Existing Resources


15aManagement Information System (MIS)

Website Development
Social Media Management
Campus Management
Academic Management
Student Information System
Exam Management and HR Management
Attendees Management and Timetable Management
Brand & Mobile SMS and  Accounts Management


Need Analysis
Identification of Effective Marketing Tools According to the Needs of Locality
Posters / Banners / Pamphlets

5Academic Audit

Identification of gaps/Reasons
Pre/Post Audit Reporting
Follow up


11Health Services

Nutritional Assessment and Counseling
Workshop on Health Care




7Legal Assistance

Income Tax
School Registration
Affiliation with Board Issues with the local Government



10aChild Development Solution

Skills Development
Individual Development Plan
Guide to Achieve High Grade
Integrated Values
Citizenship and Patriotism
Career Counseling


15Business Development Solution

We are having a unique idea of business development that ll help to achieve your vision and financial grooming




New School1

Starting a school is not be deal in a hit and trial method
because it needs a scientific study of the locality. .
We provide A to Z services in this regard. .
Name .
Need Analysis of Desired Location .
Selection of Area / Building .
Selection of Syllabus .
Action Plan
Compilation of Works Book
Human Resource Management


School Development Plan2

Curriculum Development
Preparation of SOP’s
System Orientation .
Staff Development .
Classroom Orientation .
Financial Management


3SLO Based Examination Policy

Date Sheet .
Paper Formation .
Marking Policy .
Invigilation Policy .
Sitting Plan .
External Examiners


12Hiring Assistance

Need analysis
Job analysis (J.D’s / J.S)
Recruitment (Job Posting, Short Listing)
Selections (Test / Interview)