• Curriculum development

Our aims to establish curriculum development is to ensure that all children are provided with learning opportunities that recognize and celebrate their uniqueness develop their full potential. The focus is on the child as learner, and the use of a variety of teaching methodologies is an essential feature of the curriculum. Talim provides the school with a unique opportunity to enhance the quality of educational provision. This will involve a collaborative planning process that will focus on the identification of school development goals, teaching and learning priorities.

  • System orientation

The purpose of the system orientation program is to provide a comprehensive overview of central services and school-based administrative roles. The program focuses on critical information and support needed to complete responsibilities thoroughly and to perform duties effectively and efficiently.

  • Staff development

Staff development is vital for the future of any school. The Professional Staff Development provides an opportunity for students to identify and develop key competencies that can help them excel professionally.

The most effective professional development engages teams of teachers to focus on the needs of their students. They learn and problem solve together in order to ensure all students achieve success. School systems use a variety of schedules to provide this collaborative learning and work time for teachers. When time set aside for professional development is used effectively and parents receive reports about student results, they realize the benefits to teachers and their students far outweigh the scheduling inconvenience.

  • Class room orientation

 The staff is pleased to work with instructors to integrate resources into assignments and to have classes use materials in their course work. Orientation sessions introduce students to library procedures and give an overview of our resources and school including a discussion of major collection strengths. We have one to-one class rooms for children who need time alone, and we have specialist rooms for art, music, design and technology.

3SLO Based Examination Policy

Date Sheet .
Paper Formation .
Marking Policy .
Invigilation Policy .
Sitting Plan .
External Examiners


12Hiring Assistance

Need analysis
Job analysis (J.D’s / J.S)
Recruitment (Job Posting, Short Listing)
Selections (Test / Interview)


3Capacity Building

Need Analysis
Set Goals
Content based training
Target Oriented Training
Personality Development (Teachers, Students)

4Academic Management

Academic Calendar
Daily Planning
Syllabus Breakup
Allocation of Periods
(Religious, National and International)
Timetable Management
Staff Assessments
Active liaison with Parents

10-2Event Management

Co-curricular Activities
Annual Functions
Day Celebrations
School Study Trip



8Financial Assistance

Income Generation Techniques
• Indoor Management
• Outdoor Management
Reduction of Expenditure
Improve the Utilization of
Existing Resources


15aManagement Information System (MIS)

Website Development
Social Media Management
Campus Management
Academic Management
Student Information System
Exam Management and HR Management
Attendees Management and Timetable Management
Brand & Mobile SMS and Accounts Management


Need Analysis
Identification of Effective Markeeting Tools According to the Needs of Locality
Posters / Banners / Pamphlets

5Academic Audit

Identification of gaps/Reasons
Pre/Post Audit Reporting
Follow up


11Health Services

Nutritional Assessment and Counseling
Workshop on Health Care




7Legal Assistance

Income Tax
School Registeration
Affiliation with Board Issues with the local Government



10aChild Development Solution

Skills Development
Individual Development Plan
Guide to Achieve High Grade
Integrated Values
Citizenship and Patriotism
Career Counseling

15Business Development Solution

We are having a unique idea of business development that ll help to achieve your vision and financial grooming




New School1

Starting a school is not be deal in a hit and trial method
because it needs a scientific study of the locality. .
We provide A to Z services in this regard. .
Name .
Need Analysis of Desired Location .
Selection of Area / Building .
Selection of Syllabus .
Action Plan
Compilation of Works Book
Human Resource Management